How To Block Text Messages On A BlackBerry

Got a crazy person on your back and need to know how to block text messages on a Blackberry? Sadly, there's no easy way to just block either SMS or MMS text from just one or more people. It's a all-or-nothing proposition – you can either allow all text messages or block all text messages. There is, however, a trick which, while cumbersome, will allow you to block all messages except those from specific contacts or addresses you input.

To block text messages on a Blackberry:

  1. On your Blackberry, go to the "Options" section. The "Options" icon probably shows on your Blackberry as a little monkey wrench. Note: you might have to expand your menu to see the "Options" icon.
  2. Click on "Security Options."
  3. Click on "Firewall."
  4. There will be a section called "Block Incoming Messages." Click in any of the boxes to block all SMS, MMS, PIN, Blackberry Internet Service or Enterprise emails.

Now the trick – to allow messages to be delivered from those you choose:

  1. At the bottom of the "Block Incoming Messages" screen is an area where you can click in 'Except Messaged From" contacts or specific addresses. As I said, it can be quite cumbersome to have to allow all of the contacts you want back in but it can be done.


One of the most creative way to block text messages from someone you don't want to hear from is to simply text the intrusive person that you've uploaded software to block their telephone calls, their text, sms, etc. Tell them that you can't control their computer or phone so it may look to them like the contact went through but they can type until their fingers bleed and you won't get the message. You might be surprised to find that this method works quite well to block text messages on a Blackberry.

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