How To Block A Website

Learning how to block a website helps parents protect their children from the plethora of websites inappropriate for youngsters. Children and youngsters have increasingly become technology savvy and spend more and more time with their computers surfing the internet. By learning how to block a website, parents can empower themselves and help keep the internet a safe place for their children.

To block a website you will need:

  • Computer

  • Internet connection

  • Internet Explorer

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 Operating System

  1. Power up your computer. Make sure you have an internet connection and power up the computer or laptop your child or children will be using. Wait for your computer to boot. Click on the “Internet Explorer” icon on your desktop.

  2. Open the browser tools. Wait for the “Internet Explorer” window to open. Once it opens, click the “Tools” tab. After clicking on “Tools”, hit the “Internet Options” tab.

  3. Enable your “Content Advisor”. When the “Internet Options” tab is open, click on “Content”. As soon as this opens, click on the “Enable” tab. This tab is found under the “Content Advisor” category.

  4. Block your selected websites. Under “Content Advisor”, click the “Approved Sites” tab. Enter the URL of the website you want blocked. After typing in the URL, click on the “Never” tab and submit this change by adding a secure password.

  5. Check your browser. Try visiting the website you have just blocked. An unsuccessful attempt will indicate that you have done everything correctly. To add more websites you want to block, simply go ahead and repeat the steps as needed.   



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