How To Block Your Number From Caller Id

If you want to call someone without them knowing who it is, and that person has caller ID, you may want to learn about how to block your number from caller ID. It is a simple process, and it's not illegal or unethical. Here is the easy way to learn how to block your number from caller ID.

  1. #67 method. This is the most common method in knowing how to block your number from caller ID. All you have to do is push #-6-7 on your phone before you dial the person you are trying to reach. This effectively blocks your number from being seen on caller ID and the person at the other end will see a message instead that reads, "caller ID blocked." Keep in mind that some people do not accept calls from blocked numbers so if this is true, you may not be able to block your call and reach them.
  2. Phone company default method. You can call your phone company and request a service that allows all of your outgoing calls to be blocked from whoever you are calling. This may or may not cost you extra but if you already have all of the bells and whistles then you probably won't have to pay extra. Again, some people do not allow this, so it may be inconvenient if you are trying to reach someone that blocks their calls and you don't have the choice to change this unless you have the phone company remove this service.
  3. Skype. Skype is a calling service through your computer that will show up as a blocked number or a number different from your own. This is a free download and can be used to call anywhere in the world although there is a premium service that charges for certain calls. Local calls are free though.
  4. Pre-paid cards. Pre-paid cards are another method that allows you to make a call anonymously and learn how to how to block your number from caller ID. These are routed through a third party similar to how Skype works so you would remain anonymous.

Any of these methods will allow you to block your number from caller ID. You may run across those that won't allow you to call them with these methods so you'll have to make a choice and use another method to remain anonymous.

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