How To Blow Smoke Rings

Learning how to blow smoke rings is quite easy. Blowing smoke rings just requires a little bit of subtle tongue action. You can do this with a cigarette, a pipe or any other tobacco smoking device by following the steps below. 

To blow smoke rings, you will need:

  • Your tongue
  • Cigarette, cigar or pipe
  1. Take a puff of smoke into your mouth.  The bigger the puff the better. Do not inhale the smoke. Inhaling will make it impossible to blow smoke rings, although some people inhale just slightly and it works just fine. Instead, try to keep the smoke near the back of the mouth. You may cough a couple times at first, but you'll perfect this with practice. 
  2. Form an "O" shape with your lips. Make sure that the opening is as large as possible. Point your tongue downward while you're making this shape so that it is as vertical as possible. 
  3. Push out the smoke with your tongue.  Use quick tongue movements to accomplish this without exhaling. You should feel like the middle area of your tongue is pushing out the smoke. If it doesn't work the first time, keep experimenting with subtle adjustments of the tongue. 

Some people say that packing your pack of cigarettes before unsealing it helps you blow better smoke rings. Others say that stronger cigarettes produce better smoke rings. You will still get some good ones from light cigarettes, however. The most important factor is proper technique. The more you practice blowing smoke rings, the better they will look. Keep practicing. 

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