How To BMX 180

Before you learn how to BMX 180 you must know how to bunny hop on BMX. Many BMX sport stunts are simply a stepping-stone to a bigger bike tricks. When you first attempt your first 180 it would be a good idea to find a smooth surface like parking lot or large driveway. Remember to start slow and to remove any obstructions that might be in your way of a direct path to do this stunt safely.


  • BMX bike
  • Safety helmet
  • Bike gloves
  1. Ready position. All stunts have a ready position to help you launch into your bike trick. How to BMX 180 ready position is to grip both hands on handlebar, keep buttocks up off bike and have both feet steady on pedals.
  2. Front tire lift. Just like in the bunny hop trick you need to lift the front tire of your BMX once you start pedaling forward. Difference being once you pulled upward you need to then turn the handle bar either to the right or left, whichever is most natural for you.
  3. Pull back of the back upward and turn. How to BMX 180 successfully is once you’ve lifted the front wheel and turned the handlebars right or left, you now pull upward with your legs and buttocks to lift the back of the back. Allow the momentum to carry you through the turn.
  4. Landing backwards. Both feet should be even on bike and you are now in the reverse position as when you started. Time to back pedal to keep the BMX moving.
  5. Quarter turn front wheel. Once you’ve learned how to BMX 180 you now need to get out of pedaling backwards. Turn your handlebars to move the front wheel a quarter turn to the side as you back pedal.
  6. Readjust. Once you’ve bike pedaled just enough you’ll be able to lift the front tire and turn back to the beginning position and front pedal forward. That’s how to BMX 180 smoothly.
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