How To BMX For Beginners

If riding around isn't enough anymore, learn how to BMX for beginners. When you first start learning how to ride a mountain bike, BMX bike, or regular bike there are some similarities. You want to get the beginner basics down before trying the more complex tricks you can do on a BMX bike.

  1. Get your balance. If you started off with a regular bike, you probably already have this part nailed. But if you haven't had a bike for a few years, you might be a little rusty with your skill of riding a bike in general. So you first want to get on you BMX bike and see if you can ride with good balance as a beginner.
  2. Hold on the BMX investment. When you are just a beginner at riding a BMX bike, you don't necessarily have to invest in a BMX bike to practice. If you take off the chain of a regular bike and the kick stand, you sort of get the same effect. Wait to see how much of a difference there is and how much you like riding a BMX as a beginner.
  3. Practicing with ramps. Go to a local skateboard/bike park and practice riding around and up and down ramp. Or build a ramp of your own to practice on until you're past the beginner stage.
  4. Tons of practice.  Don't get too impatient about practicing riding a BMX as a beginner. Give yourself plenty of time to go up and down the ramps as a BXM beginner and get the feel of a BMX bike. If you are feeling confident very quickly, buying BMX bike even as a little bit of a beginner may not be a bad idea.
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