How To BMX Race

Learning how to BMX race will be decided upon the type of BMX racing, you are encountering. BMX racing comes in three basic flavors, dirt, flatland and indoor. Each type of BMX racing provides certain challenges and needs as far as gear and preparation. This article will look at the overall basic concept of BMX racing and address needs on a general scale.

What you will need:

  • BMX bike
  • BMX protective gear
  • Racing venue
  • Racing style
  1. Consider the platform you wish to race on. Do your research and learn the style’s requirements based on skill and gear. Gear up for the style of BMX racing you have chosen. For example, dirt racing will require a mouth filter and face guard. This will keep dirt out of the eyes and mouth, which for obvious reasons is vital to success.
  2. Next, set out into the field and learn the different venues that races are held at. This will help you get an idea on transportation cost and entry fees. BMX racing in the competitive market is not a free venture. Additionally, BMX racing is a very expensive sport so sponsorship may also be something to consider. Once you have found venues you are ready for the next step in the process of how to race BMX.
  3. Enter the competition and be prepared to work hard and be disappointed. BMX racing is a rough sport and the competition is stiff. It takes much time to get into BMX racing shape and skill. BMX racing isn’t a simple as riding a bike. There is much to the sport and it should be taken seriously.

Racing BMX takes plenty of time to figure out. Your bike needs to fit the style of racing as well. How to race BMX is simply explained as determining the style, gear and BMX needed and venues to enroll in to race. The preparation and dedication are the parts that require discipline and the wanting to succeed.

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