How To Boil A Plastic Mouth Guard

An athlete can boil a plastic mouth guard and then mold it for a better fit to their teeth and jaw. A mouth guard can be custom fit by professionals or an inexpensive plastic one can be purchased to mold yourself. A molded mouth guard is more comfortable and offers more protection for the person who is wearing it.   

  • Plastic mouth guard
  • Medium sauce pot
  • Small bowl of cold water
  • Tongs


  1. Purchase a plastic mouth guard made to be boiled. It is important to get the right size for the most protection. The guard should cover the front and back teeth. 
  2. Place the mouth guard in boiling water to make it soft and pliable. The entire mouth guard should be immersed into the water and boiled for thirty seconds to one minute. Remove the plastic mouth guard from the boiling water with tongs
  3. Place the guard in a small bowl of cold water for five seconds. It should be left in cold water long enough to make it tolerable in your mouth, but not long enough to allow it to harden.  The person who is going to wear the mouth guard should place it in his mouth. Be careful because it will still be very warm to allow the softened plastic to mold around the teeth. 
  4. Bite down on the mouth guard in your mouth and hold your teeth clenched for one minute. Use your fingers, lips, tongue, and biting pressure to mold your mouth guard for the best fit.  Remove the mouth guard and allow it to harden.

Tips: If the plastic mouth guard to does not mold properly the first time, repeat the steps. Carefully time each step.  Boiling the mouth guard too long will ruin it and cooling it for too long will make it un-pliable when trying to mold.

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