How To Book Cheap Travel Last Minute

It's 2am, you just got home from the bars, and your best best from college calls and wants you to meet in New York for New Year's; you need to learn how to book cheap travel at the last minute. Whether or not this is still a good idea after you have sobered up is a different story altogether; but regardless, there are many companies set up to cater to whimsical travelers. Check out these options for booking cheap travel at the last minute:

In order to learn about how to book cheap travel last minute, you will need:

  • Access to the Internet
  • A credit card
  1. Skyauction. This Website is great for last minute travel. The best part is that you can bid on an auction without having to buy it if you win. You will have to set up an account to register and you can sort by auctions closing soon or by travel destination. You can bid on flights alone or flight packages which include hotel accommodations and car rental. Skyauction has the best cheap travel for International flights.
  2. Kayak. Kayak compares multiple Websites to find the cheapest flight using your specifications. You can choose to compare hundreds sites such as Priceline, Travelocity and direct air carriers, like Horizon, for example. You can sort the flights according to cheapest price. To get the cheapest flight possible you should select your flight for some time mid week. Also it is cheaper if you don't fly during holiday seasons. You can also make hotel reservations through Kayak as well.
  3. Cheaptickets. Cheaptickets has a special section for last minute flights. Click  on the Last Minute trips tab. Below you will find, "last minute deals." If you are planning to stay in a hotel, you should book them together to ensure the biggest discount. Cheaptickets is best for National flights. Also, make sure that you select "nearby airports" when you are doing your search. Some airports vary significantly in price even though they are located close together.



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