How To Book A Hotel For Someone Else

If you are a personal assistant, you must know how to book a hotel for someone else. In fact part of your job description will be to book hotels and events for your boss. As you learn the many aspects of your job, you will learn the likes and dislikes of your employer. After any good personal assistant frequently adapts to various situations and must be able to anticipate the needs of their employer.

  1. Gather information on the trip. You should know the destination of the trip and its purpose. If your boss will be attending an event such as a seminar you should book their hotel room within the hotel at which the event is planned. If the event will be at a different venue, you need to research hotels near that venue. You will need to know how many days your boss will be in that area. It is your job to look for the best prices and hotel rates as this will be charged to the company account or your boss's credit card. Knowing how many occupants will be in the room will also be helpful.
  2. Book the hotel room. Call the hotel and book the reservation. Provide the clerk with name, credit card information, and a contact number. You will then state specifications for the hotel room and any extras that are needed.
  3. Make transportation arrangements for your book to and from the hotel. Some upscale hotels will provide concierge services. The concierge will make any arrangements needed for guests of a certain status. This includes dinner reservations, tee times for golf, and event special accommodations as needed. If your boss is of celebrity status, you may want to call the concierge of the hotel directly.
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