How To Bottle Beer

 After slaving over a batch of home brew, you’ll need to know how to bottle beer in order to share that hard earned creation.  Remember to always start with sterilized bottles. Sanitize bottles, caps and equipment in either a no rinse sanitizer that can be purchased from your local home brewing store, or a diluted bleach solution. When using bleach, be sure to rinse thoroughly. Once you know how to bottle beer, this process will become an enjoyable part of the brewing experience.

To learn how bottle beer, you will need:

  • 48, 12 oz. sterilized non-twist, brown beer bottles
  • large pot
  • ¾ cup of priming sugar
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 siphon hoses
  • bottling bucket
  • bottle filler
  • bottle capper
  • bottle caps

Instructions for learning how to bottle beer:

  1. Boil water and priming sugar in a pot for five minutes. Set aside to cool.
  2. Pour cooled water into bottling bucket.
  3. Using the siphon hose, move beer from fermenter to bottling bucket. Leave behind excess sediment.
  4. Gently stir mixture.
  5. Attach second siphon hose to the faucet at the bottom of the bottling bucket. Attach bottle filler to the opposite end of the siphon hose.
  6. Snake bottle filler into bottle and turn faucet on. When first learning how to bottle beer, choose a bottle filler that is spring loaded. This type of bottle filler works by pressure. Push the tip of the filler to the bottom of the bottle to release beer. Spring loaded bottle fillers help home brewers gain control of when to stop the flow, thus avoiding wasted beer between bottles.   
  7. Fill bottle, leaving one inch of room at the top of the bottle.
  8. Cap bottles with the bottle capper. Allow beer to sit for two to three weeks at room temperature.
  9. Chill beer and enjoy. Now that you know how to bottle beer, share your masterpiece with friends and family.



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