How To Bowl Correctly

When you head over to the bowling alley, it is important that you know how to bowl correctly. This doesn't mean that you score a perfect game every time, but it does mean that you can demonstrate that  you know what you are doing. While the granny bowling shot my be funny to some people, you don't want to embarrass yourself; you want it to look like you know how to bowl correctly.

  1. Find a ball that works well for you. Choose a ball that your fingers will fit into and that isn't too heavy or too light. You may have to try a few out before you find just the right one. Once you find the size that you like, it will help you bowl correctly and you can pick up the same type of ball every time you bowl.
  2. Check the lane. You don't want to be bowling when anyone in your lane is already going. You also want to look to the lanes to the left and right of you. If someone in one of those lanes is stepping up to bowl, don't take the step up.  Wait until it is clear and then make your approach to get set.
  3. Begin with your feet together. You are going to be a few feet away from the bowling lane. Make sure that you are holding the ball with both hands, up near your chest. The hand that you are planning to bowl correctly with should have the fingers inside of the holes.
  4. Two things are going to happen at the same time. Begin walking up to the bowling lane starting with the left foot. Take three steps. Once you have taken the third step (it will be with your left foot) the right leg will go out behind the left leg.
  5. During these leg movements, the arm with the ball will swing backwards and then forwards. As the right leg is moving behind the left, the arm will swing the ball towards that bowling lane and release the ball down the lane. It might have a slight spin to it.
  6. You should not end up down into the bowling lane. If you do, there is a chance that you will slip and fall. Stand just outside the bowling lane. If you look down, you will know that you were able to bowl correctly because you will be behind a set of dots that show you where the actual bowling lane begins. Wait here and watch the ball to see how well you were able to bowl.
  7. After seeing the outcome, you are ready to go back to your seat and wait for your turn. The number of people you are playing with will determine when you will go again. Be patient if this is the first time that you are trying to bowl correctly. It can take time to figure it out.

Once you know how to bowl correctly, you will be able to impress all of your friends on your next outing the the bowling alley.

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