How To Bowl Faster

Lots of bowlers want to know how to bowl faster, what about you? Those who bowl know the feeling of letting that ball glide down the isle like there's no tomorrow: a quick flash and a powerful strike deliver all of the satisfaction they need. Have you just gotten into bowling and want to bowl faster like the pros? Take it from the best, and bowl with confidence by reading these tips:

  1. Get your equipment straight. How can you expect to bowl at all when you are wearing shoes two sizes too big and a ball that's as light as a feather? Your bowling ball needs to be a size that is not too heavy (i.e. not a rock in your hands) and not too small (as in, it shouldn't be bouncing all over the lane). Those shoes on your feet need to be about one half of a size bigger than your tennis shoes for maximum effect.
  2. Head straight, eyes center! You heard us, private! Just kidding, but in all seriousness, keep your eyes on the prize. Do not look down, up, or (god forbid) around when releasing your ball. Eyes on the prize when you bowl.
  3. Take an extra step. Another step might give you the added momentum your routine needs. Adjust your distance accordingly, and step back one more so as to avoid violating the penalty line. Don't take more than four, if at all possible.
  4. Increase arm swing. One's arm swing is crucial when they bowl. Lift your arm up to your face and let the ball drop down behind you; then, let momentum take its course. As time goes on, you will perfect your swing even more for more effective and quick bowling. Some also, it should be noted, prefer a 45 degree angle when trying to bowl faster.
  5. Concentrate. Do not freak out, but definitely keep your head in the game. Not only should you be looking at the pins at the end of the lane, but also clearing your mind of any doubting thoughts, repetitive worries, or tension. It's just you, the ball, and the lane; your job is to connect all three together in a fluid motion. Watching other bowlers on TV also helps a lot with the way you bowl.

Hopefully you can bowl faster with confidence after reading this article and the various tips within it. Bowl fast, yes, but always bowl practically. Faster is not always better, and sometimes situations dictate that slower is the best option. Nonetheless, bowl faster and bowl smarter; hopefully you'll be the next "300 game" in your town.

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