How To Bowl A Googly

If you love the game of cricket, then you must learn how to bowl a googly. Cricket is a sport played by two teams on an oval size field called a "pitch." The game of cricket has been around since the twelfth and thirteen century in England. Equipment for this sport includes a ball, a willow paddle shaped bat and two wickets which are two wooden crosspieces resting on three wooden stumps. The pitcher is called a bowler and the most difficult ball to throw and to hit is the googly, which is usually bowled against a right-handed batsman.

You will need:

  • Pitch (field)
  • Ball
  • Cricket bat
  • Batsman volunteer (to check positioning of bowl)
  1. Hold the ball like a normal leg break. Bowling a googly properly means you must surprise the batsman from the beginning. Place the first joints of your index and middle finger along the seam of the ball. Hold the ball with your thumb and bent ring finger.
  2. Change point of release. To bowl in cricket, the bowler overhands the pitch. Make sure the palm of your hand faces the sky and the back of your hand faces the batsman. A googly is the bowler's secret weapon so he won't see the hand change at this time.
  3. Twist your wrist. Now we get to the hard part of bowling a googly. You twist your wrist 180 degrees toward the ground. Your ring finger turns the ball counter-clockwise which then causes the ball to break towards the batsman! 

The difference between a normal leg break and a googly is that the ball usually breaks away from the batsman. The googly, on the other hand, breaks inward towards the batsman. Once you've learned how to bowl a googly, you will be unstoppable in the game of Cricket.

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