How To Bowl A Strike Every Time

Learn about how to bowl a strike every time to increase your bowling score. Bowling is a fun but competitive sport. To be truly good you need to know how to bowl a strike every time, or close to it. In bowling, a strike is when you knock down all ten bowling pins with the first ball. Consistently bowling a strike takes practice. There are techniques to learn that will increase your chances of bowling a strike.

To bowl a strike every time, you will need:

  • Bowling ball
  • Bowling alley
  • Practice time
  • Someone to video tape you bowling
  1. Stand correctly. For right-handed bowlers, the left foot should aim toward the front pin. For left-handed bowlers, the opposite is true; the right foot should be pointed at the middle front pin.
  2. Hold the bowling ball correctly while you take steps. To bowl a strike, you must know how to hold the bowling ball correctly. If you're right handed, hold the bowling ball in your right hand. Take a step forward with your right foot then as you step with your left foot, begin swinging the ball back. The next step is with your right foot again. The ball will be as high behind you as it will ever be.
  3. Release the bowling ball at the right time. The final step is with our left foot. Slide your foot and swing the bowling ball down. You're about to release it. Allow the bowling ball to almost reach the upswing and keep your eye on the ball. Release it as you start the final upswing.
  4. Practice this maneuver. With practice, you will know what this feels like. Keep your shoulders back while completing the release.
  5. Have someone video tape you bowling. Take a look at your stance and how you hold the ball. Study other bowlers who bowl a strike every time and mimic their stance.



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