How To Boyoing

If you need a cool variation of Top Rocking, then learn how to Boyoing. Top Rocking is, in a nutshell, the series of moves in breakdancing that gets the audience's attention while simultaneously creating space on the floor for you to do your routine. The Boyoing is one of the cooler Top Rocking maneuvers you can do. Unlike the majority of B-boying moves, the Boyoing and other Top Rocking moves are relatively simple. All you need to Boyoing properly is a decent amount of rhythm. So, lets get it going.

  1. To the beat. Your Boyoing will only look good if you're, well, Boyoinging to the beat. Find a cool breakdancing song to practice to. Once you get the steps down you can switch it to whatever you like. Just use "Looking For the Perfect Beat" by Africa Bambaataa and Soulsonic Force. This song was made for the B-boys to get down to.
  2. The steps. Start with your right leg. Kick it out in front of you. Then drop it to the ground. Kick your left leg out as soon as your right hits the ground. When your left leg is fully extended, twist your hips so that your left leg crosses over to your right side. Drop your left leg to the ground. As soon as your left leg hits the ground, kick your right leg behind your left. You should make an "L" shape with your right as you lean it behind your left leg. Bring your right leg back to the ground while twisting your waist back to its original position. Wash rinse and repeat. It's a pretty simple move to do. You'll get the steps in about five minutes of practice.
  3. Your upper body. Here's where your individual creativity comes into play. Some B-boys just motion their arms in a running maneuver. Others wave them around in a swimming motion. As long as it's to the beat, the move you do is totally up to you.
  4. Once you get it… The Boyoing, like other Top Rock moves was made to draw attention to the dancer. Don't be afraid to move around while completing the steps. You want people to be watching you so throw some flare into your Boyoing. Make your warm up Top Rock take up some space. If you're dancing in a little make believe box, nobody's going to care. So get out there and draw some attention!
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