How To Braid A Leather Belt

Not everyone can afford the hefty price tag on a braided leather belt, which is why it is handy to know how to braid a leather belt yourself. It may seem daunting at first, but once you master the braid, you can make dozens of your own leather belts.

To braid a leather belt, you will need:

  • A leather belt
  • Razor knives
  • Pencils
  • A ruler
  1. Using a pencil, make two vertical lines lengthwise along the belt. The lines should be made in such a way that the belt is divided into three equal parts. You should use a ruler to do this.
  2. Cut the leather belt along these lines. However, ensure that you leave at least three inches intact at the ends of the belt.
  3. Begin to braid the interior leather strips. Start from the bottom of the leather belt and braid until you reach the top. To braid is to simply criss-cross the three strips over each other. When it is braided, you will need to shift the positions of the strips. Place the left strip over the center strip and the right hand strip over the left strip (that is now in the center).
  4. Bring the end of the belt up and insert it between the strip on the left and the strip in the center. Pass the belt under the center and right hand strips, as far as it can go, before pulling it through the bottom.
  5. Bring the right hand strip to the center, as well as the strip on your left. The strip to your right should be moved to the center position.
  6. Now, simply repeat step four above. But this time the end of the belt should pass through the right and center strips and then under the center and left hand strips. Continue this process until the belt is completely braided.
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