How To Braid Your Hair For Riding A Motorcycle

It may be difficult to avoid helmet hair, but if you know how to braid your hair for riding a motorcycle, you can take your helmet off with confidence. Having long hair on a motorcycle can cause some problems, such as knots and tangles which can cause dead ends and breakage. You can prevent some of the damage and maintain good looking tresses when you braid your hair before gearing up for your ride. Assuming you know the basic techniques of braiding, there are several variations that can be used.

To braid hair for riding a motorcycle, you will need:

  • Comb or brush
  • Plastic coated hair bands
  • Optional hair product (pomade, styling gel or mousse)
  • Bandana or scarf, if desired


  1. Wash your hair before you begin. Comb out the long locks and use the product of your choice. A styling gel would be beneficial if you have a layered hairstyle to contain the flyaway hairs. Allow your hair to dry, depending upon the style of braid that you choose. If you will be wearing loose braids, it should be pretty dry. On the other hand, if you will be French braiding your hair, it may be more manageable to leave wet.
  2. French braid your long locks. Using a French braid will protect your hair and allow you to look beautiful even after a long trip. The French braid is done by either parting the hair into two sections or by braiding from the top down the back. Begin your braid as usual, but as you go along you will need to grab sections of hair on both sides, one at a time, to combine with the three beginning strips.
  3. Continue braiding and gathering side sections together until you reach the bottom. Make sure that you smooth the hair as you go. You can either use a comb to smooth or just your fingers. Wrap the end with a hair band to secure the braid. At the end of the tail, you can either pin it up under the rest of your hair or leave it hanging long.
  4. Add your bandana or scarf, if you’d like. Many female motorcyclists like to wear the bandana across the top of their head to avoid the helmet hair look. Place the material right at your forehead and wrap to the back. Tie a knot just at the nape of the neck or a bit higher depending upon the look that you desire.
  5. Alternatively, you can braid your hair in one or two loose side ponytail holders. This is an easy way to keep the hair from whipping around while you are riding a motorcycle, yet can be taken down when you arrive to the destination. It is a great way to have good looking, wavy long hair at the end of your ride. When you are ready to ride again, just loosely braid the sides for your journey home.
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