How To Break 100 In Golf

Are you trying to figure out how to break 100 in golf? It takes some people years to be able to break 100, so don't be discouraged. While this applies to many things in life, practice makes perfect.

  1. Practice Your Swing. If you have a long back swing, you are leaving a lot of room for error. In order to break 100 in golf, you will want to shorten the arc from the start of your swing to the moment of impact. Many people think that if they shorten their back swing, they will lose distance when they hit the ball. This is typically not true, and even if the distance is shortened, at least the ball will remain on the greens, instead of heading towards the woods, water, etc.
  2. Keep Your Eyes on the Ball. Keeping your head down is one of the best golf tips for improving your swing. If you would like to break 100 in golf, you need to keep your head down because it forces your eyes to stay on the ball. Too many people will lift their heads to watch the ball take off, before the ball has even been hit. To ensure that your swing is connecting with the ball where you want it to connect, you need to be watching that ball until it has been launched.
  3. Lag. The final step if you would like to break 100 in golf is lagging. If it typically takes you three or four putts to sink your shot, then this method is for you. What you want to do is, instead of aiming directly at the hole itself, aim within an area that is three feet within diameter from the hole. This method may make it impossible for you to one putt a hole, but it should get rid of those three and four putt holes.
  4. Utilize the Chip-And-Run Method. When you are within 30 yards of sinking your putt, you will want to chip-and-run. In order to successfully utilize this method and break 100 in golf, you should use a 7-iron. You will want to cock your wrists forward and make sure that you do not bend your elbows.
  5. Finally, Set Your Mind. When learning how to break 100 in golf, you need to have self confidence. If you do not tell yourself that you are going to play well, then you will not play well. You have to focus on your golf swing and visualize what you want the ball to do before you hit it. While you want to be focused, you do not want to be uptight. Remain relaxed and do not let your temper get the best of you if you have a bad round.


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