How To Break A 2-2-1 Full Court Press

In order to be prepared against one of the most aggressive defenses in basketball, your team must know How to Break a 2-2-1 Full Court Press.  This aggressive defense takes a major chance in order to try to force a turnover.  Its weaknesses can be exposed with some care and awareness on the court.

  1. Quick and good ball handlers are required.  Two or three quick players who can pass and handle the ball will be needed to break this press.  Make sure the best ball handlers are utilized to face a team that uses this defense.
  2. Use the inbounds passer to break the press.  The toughest part of this defense is getting the ball across the half court line.  Take advantage of the additional ball handler who passes the ball inbounds. 
  3. Smart passing concepts are essential.  Try to pass the ball away from potential double teams.  Also, the sideline won't give as much room for advancing the ball, and also gives way to potential traps.
  4. Take advantage of the weaknesses of the 2-2-1 full court press.  With only one player around the basket, your team should be looking to find players behind the defense, towards this player.  Cuts should take place toward the basketball for help; however, the best way to exploit the defense is to make cuts towards the basket, looking for the advantage in numbers behind the defense.  In order to make this happen, the offensive players must maintain a high level of activity to catch the defense off guard.



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