How To Break In A Baseball Glove Fast

If you have ever had to buy a new baseball glove during the baseball season, you understand all too well the importance of knowing how to break in a baseball glove fast. If you do not have a usable glove, you don't have time to waste. Follow these simple steps to have a soft, usable glove in no time at all.

To break your baseball glove in fast you will need:

  • glove conditioner or shaving cream
  • baseball or softball
  • string or large rubber bands
  • buddy to play catch
  1. Apply conditioner to your new baseball glove. Before you begin the process of using your new glove, you will want to soften the leather. You can do this by applying a glove conditioner that can be purchased at any sporting goods store that sells baseball gloves. If you are unable to attain glove conditioner, you may use shaving cream. It serves the same purpose and does a great job. Condition the glove, starting at the center and working your way out towards the pocket and fingers. Apply the conditioner to both sides of the glove. Be sure not to saturate the glove, a light coat will do.
  2. Play some catch with your buddy. After applying the conditioner, it is time to use the glove. Get a buddy, preferably one with a strong arm, and toss the ball around. The longer you are able continue this step, the faster you will have a broken in glove.
  3. Re-condition the glove. The process of using the glove will more than likely cause some of the glove conditioner or shaving cream to dry; therefore, you will need to apply an additional coat afterwards. Repeat step one of this process. Again, be sure not to saturate the glove.
  4. Tie your baseball glove up. After you have properly conditioned the glove, it is time to store it for the night. Place a baseball, or a softball if you desire a larger pocket expansion inside the pocket of your baseball glove. Tie the baseball glove in the closed position over night. This will allow the conditioned leather to expand around the shape of the ball.
  5. Repeat the steps if needed. If you have followed steps one through four, you should have a usable baseball glove at this point. If the baseball glove is not conforming to your hand the way you like, then simply repeat the steps until you achieve the right feel. Be careful with the conditioner. If the glove is still moist, you will not need to apply more.
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