How To Break Baseballs On Wii Sports

Need to know how to break baseballs on Wii Sports? Throwing breaking baseballs on Wii Sports Baseball is not as easy as it looks. Just like in a real-life baseball game, you need to understand the fundamentals before you can toe the rubber and start winging curveballs over the center of the plate. And similar to real life, if your pitcher gets tired or your motion gets sloppy, your curveball turns into a hanging fastball right over the plate, and you'll most likely get knocked out of the park. Here are some tips to help you get on your way to being the ace among your group of friends:

  1. Alternate your throwing stance by hitting either number one or number two on the Wii remote. Number one makes your pitcher throw overhand, while number two makes your pitcher throw submarine style. Switching up your pitching style will make your breaking baseballs much more effective.
  2. Control the direction of your pitch in Wii Sports Baseball by using the D-pad (the directional arrows on your Wii remote). The speed of your pitch changes based on how fast you flick your wrist (how hard you throw doesn't actually matter, it's all about how fast you flick your wrist).

So, with those initial techniques in mind, let's get into the actual pitching mechanics of the game, and look at how you can break baseballs in Wii Sports Baseball:

  1. Perhaps the most important part of pitching in Wii Sports Baseball is using your fastball and your changeup to set up breaking baseballs. You need to remember that there is no actual button for a changeup, and that in order to throw a changeup you need to throw a fastball with a slower motion and slower wrist movement. Also, if you make a motion like you are throwing a fastball while you are throwing a curveball, your fastball will have a lot more bite to it.
  2. You throw a curveball in Wii Sports Baseball by holding down the B button during your delivery. You can throw a screwball by holding down the A button during the delivery, and a splitter by holding down both A and B during the delivery.
  3. You can get away with throwing some of the other breaking baseballs in Wii Sports Baseball by releasing the required buttons before your range of motion is complete. However, when you throw the splitter, you need to remember to continue holding down the A and B buttons throughout your motion. Also, to land a splitter in the strike zone, you need to click up on the D-pad a couple of times, otherwise it's a guaranteed ball. If you remember that, the splitter will be a very deadly breaking pitch.
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