How To Break In Boots Fast

There are quite a few tricks out there for breaking in boots fast without breaking in your feet. The stiff leather found in durable hiking boots are great protection from the elements, but cause painful blisters on tired feet. Before hiking books can be used for any serious mountaineering they have to be broken in. Once you do they contour into the most comfortable pair of shoes you've ever worn. Here a few tricks for breaking in boots fast.

  1. Flex the leather. A new pair of boots are stiff. Try bending the shoe especially at the heel and toe areas. They will not bend much if you have a good pair but each little bit will help wear the shoe before they wear your feet.
  2. Wet the boots. A quick and ugly way to break in a pair of boots is to set the boots completely. Slosh around in them as long as you can stand. The idea is to let them dry on your feet so they contour to your feet in one crash course.
  3. Use a boot stretcher. A shoe stretcher is piece of wood shaped like a shoe designed to widen shoes. A block of wood placed in the heel of the boot or other tight areas can also work. Leave it in for at least 24 hours.
  4. Purchase a leather shoe stretch spray or conditioner. Apply as per the instruction to make the leather more pliable and the shoes easier to break in.
  5. Go for an extra walk. When going about your daily routine, wear the boots with two pair thick high quality pair of thick hiking socks. They will pad your feet and help stretch the shoes. Next, go for a walk outside sticking to grassy areas as much as possible . The softer areas are less forgiving on the feet. Once the boots start to loosen a bit begin taking longer walks on pavement. The process can take several days but it will loosen up the boots faster and be less painful than on regular hikes.
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