How To Break The Bottom Of A Beer Bottle

If you learn how to break the bottom of a beer bottle, you will have a great party trick to show off to your friends. But be careful and understand that you could hurt yourself. Be warned, this trick is dangerous and not recommended.

  1. Empty a beer bottle. Drink a bottle of beer, or take an empty bottle from the recycling bin. Clean it out and make sure there is no dirt left on it. If you do happen to cut yourself, you do not want to chance getting dirt in the wound.
  2. Fill the bottle with water. Fill the bottle with cold tap water, making sure to leave a bit of room at the top. You can leave a space anywhere from one to two inches from the top.
  3. Hold the neck of the bottle tightly in the circle between your thumb and forefinger. Make sure you do not grasp the bottle with your whole palm. You'll want to avoid any shards of glass hitting your hand.
  4. Use the meaty part of your other hand to hit the bottle opening as hard as you can. The pressure created by the pocket of air will force the bottom of the bottle to explode and break off. Don't cut yourself!

Another way to break a beer bottle is by smashing it against a rock. But if you do this, you will probably break more than the bottom, and probably injure yourself and others. Don't try either method, if you can help it.



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