How To Break In Catchers Mitt

Do you want to know how to break in a catchers mitt? Getting a new catchers mitt is always fun, but there is no quick fix method of breaking it in.  Breaking in a catchers mitt requires a little more time and effort, because it's thicker and larger than other gloves. The following steps will explain how to break in a catchers mitt.

  1. Start by applying linseed oil or glove conditioner to the entire catchers mitt. From the palm outward, work the oil into the glove.  Coat the glove, don't soak it.
  2. Allow the catchers mitt to dry. Depending on temperature and humidity, it may take a day or two for the glove to dry.
  3. Use the catchers mitt. Take the glove out and play catch with it so that it will begin to conform to the shape of your hand. The more you use it, the better.
  4. Apply another light coat of oil or conditioner.  After that, place a softball in the pocket of the glove and use string to tightly close the glove around the ball. Allow it to set for a day or two. A softball works better than a regular baseball because it will form a larger pocket.
  5. Untie the catchers mitt and take it out for a catch.  By now, the glove should be supple and have formed a nice pocket. Play with it as much as you can, and when not using it, repeat the previous step until the glove is completely broken in.
  6. Maintain the leather. To maintain and preserve the leather and keep it from cracking, periodically apply leather cleaner or conditioner.
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