How To Break Up With College Girlfriend

Knowing how to break up with a college girlfriend can be tricky. You might have been dating for several months or even several years. But when you’re ready to move on, the appropriate thing to do is to break up with your college girlfriend before starting any other relationships.

  1. Know your college girlfriend. Use these steps as a guideline, but ultimately make your choices about the break up based on your girlfriend’s needs and personality. For example, if she’s very emotional and likely to make a scene in public, break up with her at her dorm room, rather than a restaurant.
  2. Do it in person. Do not break up with your college girlfriend over email, text message or social networking site. Even a phone call can be a slap in the face for a serious college relationship. When you’re ready to move on, go to her dorm when you know her roommate won’t be there or ask her out to lunch or for coffee.
  3. Leave your friends out of it. Avoid breaking up with your college girlfriend around friends. Odds are, you share quite a bit of friends, but the break up should be a personal conversation. Give her a chance to ask questions and let her get emotional if she needs to. Letting her break down around your guy friends is not the nice way to break up with your college girlfriend.
  4. Give her real reasons. Using generic language when breaking up with your college girlfriend won’t be enough to give her closure. Instead, use some real reasons you want to break up, such as you’re moving away after graduation or you’ve grown apart since starting college. You don’t need to get too detailed. Just speak from the heart.
  5. Don’t be too honest. Give real reasons, but don’t get personal with them or say things that are just plain hurtful. For example, if your college girlfriend is just lousy in bed or annoys you on a daily basis, keep these reasons to yourself and instead focus on your lack of compatibility during the break up.
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