How To Break Up A Couple

Some people have ulterior motives for trying to break up a couple. Chances are, if you are trying to break up two people, you are trying to get one of them for yourself. However, perhaps you have good intentions for breaking them up, like one of them is cheating and you don’t want the other to get hurt. Or maybe they just aren’t good for each other. Whatever the reason, here is how to break up a couple.

  1. First of all, understand that it is risky to try breaking up a couple. If they catch on, they might try to push you away. By trying to break up a couple, you could ruin a good friendship with either party.
  2. Once you understand the risks, learn all you can about the couple. To break up a couple, learn their weaknesses and find some cracks in their relationship. For example, what do they argue about?
  3. To break up a couple, play on their weaknesses. But be subtle; you don’t want them catching on. For example, make them jealous by bringing an ex into the picture or perhaps you could bring up topics that are sources of conflict.
  4. The best way to break up a couple is to break down their trust. You may do this by spreading false stories, insinuating that one is cheating on the other, or get one to let out a juicy secret about the other.
  5. Once you have figured out how to break up a couple, lay low for a while. However, if you want one of them for yourself, don’t wait too long to make your move. Just be subtle about it and make sure they don’t get back together in the meantime.
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