How To Break Down NFL Game Film

Learning how to break down NFL game film means different things to different people. The profession of the individual breaking down NFL game film ultimately determines what that individual is looking for in the film. The majority of us have no professional ties to NFL game film. We just want to see the big play or the crushing hit. There are others, however, that are looking for subtle nuances in NFL game film that we'd never even notice or, for that matter, even care about. Let's check out some of the different professions tied into analyzing NFL game film and the differences in how these professions break down NFL game film. 

  1. The Sunday warriors. This is us. Yeah, you might argue that we don't professionally have anything to do with football or NFL game film in general, but what we look for in film is important. The casual viewer watches games week after week. We sit on the edge of our seats hoping that the next play will change the momentum of the game in out team's favor. A lot of us have even developed a great understanding of defenses and offenses, but lets be honest. We want to see the great defensive plays. We want to see the awesome offensive endeavors. We want to see the big game hits. You might be thinking why does it matter what we think? Well, it's important to this next group of guys.
  2. The TV analysts teams. These guys only have a job because of you, the Sunday warrior. TV analysts teams present the NFL game film in the most entertaining way possible. We need to want to hear what they have to say about the games. Colorful commentary would be dull if it wasn't for the supplementary film that goes along with it. As a matter of fact, you could argue that the commentary is what's supplementary. Frankly, we wouldn't care what they said if they didn't have the all important highlight film. That's just what it is. Highlights and nothing but. The TV analysts do nothing but pick out the exciting or game-changing plays. They use brightly colored arrows and other editing tools to make the highlights come alive. Let's not forget about the accompanying music. The TV analysts teams break down NFL game film for the sole purpose of entertaining the viewer. A 30 second segment will show you all the important plays, hits, injuries and scores for your favorite team. Their in-depth analyses only goes as far as the masses want and the masses just want the fireworks.
  3. NFL team's coaching staff. These are the guys that really go in-depth. If breaking down NFL game film is a science, these guys are the brainiacs. They don't focus as much on the big plays. No, they dig deep. They want to know how the big play happened. They study NFL game film. They have a lot more invested in a game than either the Sunday warrior or the TV analyst. They need their teams to win. Coaching staffs dig for anything that can give them the upper hand. It could be something as small as a guy being too slow off the hike or a foot out of position. They use the films to help exploit any weakness the opponent may have while trying to fortify their own weaker elements. The tapes are the only way to study an opponents routines and plays. These films are what help the coaching staff mount an offensive attack against an opponent or set up a defense to slow them down. What a team does on game day is based on what they find out about their opponent through various mediums including the NFL game film.
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