How To Break A Gambling Loosing Streak

Sitting at the losers table wondering how to break a gambling losing streak? It's not a glamorous sight. The image of winning has seemed to have left your mind as your money flies out of your pocket into a slot, onto a table or at the racetrack. But want to how to break that gambling loosing streak? 

There are four elements to think about. You must figure out what happened between taking out money and actually losing it. Bets sometimes are long shots and narrowing down the action of play helps in breaking a losing streak. Compulsive gambling can result in compulsive loss. And there's always the "other" gambling option—to quit. This article will explore all four elements to break a losing streak.

  1. Low Betting Karma It never fails. Where did the money go? Betting responsibly means to enter each play with respect to keeping a mental log of what money is passed from you to the bet in process. It's karma. Once you run through your money, there is a higher chance that all bets will be off once you place the remainder of the money on the last bet of your night. But if you space out the gambling bets, at least you have some time to turn things around. It just may be the thing to break a losing gambling streak. Good karma may also come from those little good luck charms–so bring them along.
  2. Leaving Long Shots You see it and it's beautiful–the long shot. It could mean winning everything you could ever dream of. That is, if you win. Playing long shot bets lead to more losing streaks than any style of betting known to man. Remain true to a realistic result and avoid the long shots unless you are certain, without a doubt, that the long shot has more chances of winning than losing. 
  3. Compulsive Research Compulsive gambling means betting on anything in your way, including on tables, in machines and at the racetracks. Ever wonder why you keep losing when you conduct no research whatsoever before placing bets? The answer is in the pudding–do the research. It is better to see the game than to play blindfolded. For instance, do research on gambling tables to understand them fully when it comes to chance. Another example, a person betting at the racetrack should know what the weather is before placing a bet. Why? Because if it is raining, you have a chance of turning the losing streak table. Some horses entered in races can't run on rainy days, but their competitors can. 
  4. Quit Betting The true way of breaking a losing streak is to quiet betting, cold turkey. You can always go back to gambling. Question is, would you really want to now that you have all that extra spending money?
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