How To Break A Girl’s Hymen

A young man may wonder how to break a girl's hymen if he and she are thinking about having sex. The answer depends upon the girl in question. In fact, many girls may have broken their hymen and not realize it. The hymen is a small piece of skin that covers the entrance to the vagina. This skin can be very thin and break easily while engaging in sports or even riding a bicycle. The hymen can also be thicker and will take some effort to break it without causing undo pain during the girl's first experience with intercourse.

What you will need:

  • Condom
  • Lubricant
  • Damp Wash Cloth
  1. Have the girl lay comfortably on her back. Her legs should be spread slightly to give you good access to her private areas. Begin by kissing her lips and her breasts while softly caressing her body to help her relax.
  2. Begin caressing her softly between her legs. Pay particular attention to her clitoris located in the folds of skin just above the entrance to her vagina. There are more nerve ending here than on any other part of her boy. She should become further aroused and her natural lubricants will begin to seep from her vagina.
  3. Slowly insert a single finger into the entrance of her vagina. You will be able to feel the hymen just inside her body. It will feel like there is something in the way of your finger entering further.
  4. Move your finger gently against the hymen taking care not to rupture it. Your goal is to stretch it slowly and to increase her arousal. Continue to also manipulate her clitoris for a few minutes. Remove your finger just before her arousal peeks.
  5. Place a condom over your penis to protect her from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).
  6. Stroke your penis along her clitoris and the opening over her vagina to coat yourself with her natural lubricants or use a store purchased lubricant and rub that over the condom that is covering your penis.
  7. Insert your lubricated penis slowly into her vagina. The best method is to enter in small increments and to back off a bit to allow her body to adjust to your entrance.
  8. Slide fully into the vagina to break a girl's hymen. Be respectful of her need to hold off for a moment or to increase your pace, depending upon the girl. Enjoy the moment to the fullest.
  9. Cuddle the new woman closely after the act. There may or may not be a small amount of bleeding after breaking a girl's hymen. If there is, offer her a warm, wet wash cloth to help sooth her.
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