How To Break In A Leather Jacket

Breaking in a leather jacket will stop your new garment from cracking later on, and stop the annoying creaking sounds made each time the jacket moves with your body. Follow these tips to successfully complete the process.

  1. Determine the type of leather your jacket is made of. Breaking in a leather jacket requires that the garment be made from sturdy leather product and has the ability to take stress. Lambskin leathers do not hold up to the necessary process. Goat, cow and deer or elk leathers are fine.
  2. Dampen the garment. A nice rain storm is perfect for breaking in a leather jacket. Barely dampened by the falling water, move your arms around in circles and reach forward and back. This will stretch the material slightly. Soaking the jacket can cause severe shrinkage. Avoid submerging the jacket in water of any kind and do not allow the jacket to be continually rained on during heavy precipitation.
  3. Add some grease. Special oils are produced commercially for breaking in leather jackets. Read the directions carefully before using any of these products. Apply the oil to the main areas of movement, particularly the shoulder and elbow areas. Too much oil applied may cause saturation and leave dark spots on the garment. use with caution.
  4. Rough it up. Steel wool can be used for breaking in a leather jacket. The rough surface gently applied to the elbows or entire sleeve will loosen the material and give the jacket a worn look.
  5. Wear it. The best way to break in a leather jacket is to simply wear it. Often, wear produces typical wear and tear and the jacket will soften and loosen up on its own.
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