How To Break Into A New Career

The question of how to break into a new career is a very interesting one. People changing professions and recent college grads ponderthis question when searching the job market. To break into a new career, you will definitely be dependent on others to a certain degree to open doors. It will also take some self-marketing to present yourself as capable to potential employers. The pointers below can help you break into a new career of your dreams.

  1. Become an Intern. Get on an internship and learn the things you will need to know before you have a career in a particular field. This is also your chance to shine, so take advantage of this opportunity and you might just find yourself with a full time job.
  2. Train as an assistant. Many people use this strategy to break into new careers. It is very effective and give you the necessary experience that is needed to help you break into a new career.
  3. Gain those connections. If you are interested in breaking into a serious career then you will need to gain contacts that can help you break through barriers that in any other case would be difficult to overcome.
  4. Be seen in relevant places. Make sure that you attend parties and functions where influential people meet. Socialize and gain contacts from people that are involved in the field and can help you break into a new career. They will be able to give you important tips and advice that will help you avoid mistakes. This tip will save you valuable time.
  5. Give your resume to as many companies as possible. Hand out your resume to everybody that you can in the industry you are pursuing. This will improve your chances to break into a new career.
  6.  Fake it till you make it. You need to have the look. Look like you are serious about the industry by the way you speak, dress, act, and interact with people. If you look like someone important, companies will take a strong look at hiring you.

Getting a New Job

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