How To Break In New Ski Boots

Do you want to know how to break in new ski boots? Even though there has been a great improvement in materials and design, ski boots are still quite uncomfortable to break in. If you don´t break in new ski boots properly, the consequences can be painful, ranging from a small blister to serious skin and nails injuries.

What you need to break in new ski boots is:

  • A pair of wool medium or thick socks.
  • A source of dry mild heat in a closed environment.
  • A carpeted surface to walk with your boots on.
  1. Open the boots thoroughly. Pull the tongues forward, and separate the sides of the cane of the boots. The plastic can be quite rigid, so it´s important to do this in a warm ambient, such as a small room, kitchen or the like, that has already been heated for a while.
  2. Loosen every strap and lace on the boot. This way you will ensure that you are not forcing the boots open.
  3. Put on the wool socks. It´s important that you use wool, as later in the process the liners will be warmed quite hot, and synthetics can eventually get sticky.
  4. Heat the boots placing them high over a heat source. A radiator, at a distance of at least fifteen inches will work. A good idea is placing the boots over the back of a chair, pressing them against the wall with the opening facing down.
  5. Put the boots on while they are still hot. Make sure by testing it with your hand that the boots are not too hot for your feet. Wool will act as insulation.
  6. Tighten every strap one point further than whatever is comfortable. For this stage, you´ll have to feel the boots a little too tight. Start tightening from the toes to the ankle and then up the cane, and repeat the process as needed.
  7. Walk around a carpeted surface, stepping on the entire sole to feel the boot´s fit. At this stage, you will find out if the size is right for you by checking that the toes just slightly touch the front end of the boot and that, when leaning forward towards the tongue of the boot your heel does not rise or twist.
  8. Ski on your new boots for a couple of hours at a time at first. As they continue to mold to your feet, extend this period. The boot should be in perfect shape before you´ve used them for ten hours.
  9. If you notice some serious problem like a hard point on the liner or a bent that hurts your feet, go back to the shop and talk with the boot´s seller. If that's not possible, check online for forums that can give you tips specifically for your boot model.

Ski boots are not intended to be comfortable, but if you carefully break them in, you´ll be as close to a flip flop as it gets on the hills.

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