How To Break In New Soccer Cleats

Need to know how to break in new soccer cleats? More often than not, new shoes will leave your feet blistered and raw after wearing them the first few times, but if you break in your new soccer cleats the right way then this will not be a problem. New soccer cleats will not be comfortable right away. They will be stiff and will tend to rub against your heels and ankles, leaving painful blisters. However, once you have broken them in they will be very comfortable, assuming that they are the right size and style of cleat for your feet.

  1. It is a good idea to make sure you break your soccer cleats in before playing in a soccer game with them. Soccer games can last for a long time, and playing with a brand new pair of cleats that have not been broken in will almost definitely cause a lot of pain. It is better to play with an older pair of soccer cleats that has been broken in rather than the new pair, even if the older pair is very worn out.
  2. The best way to break in new soccer cleats is by wearing them. This will force them to bend and adjust to the way you move your body, and especially your feet. You should practice doing everything you would normally do in an older pair of cleats to break them in. They will adjust to your foot the quickest this way and will be comfortable before you know it.
  3. Breaking in new soccer cleats without hurting your feet requires patience. If you want to get them broken in as quickly as possible, wear them all the time while playing soccer and they will adjust very quickly. However, this will leave your feet raw, blistered and sometimes bloody. If you prefer to keep your feet intact then you should only wear them for a small amount of time to start out with, and then increasingly wear them more as they become broken in. You should probably only wear them for an hour or less the first couple times you play with them, but gradually move up to a couple hours and eventually the full time you decide to play.
  4. You can break in new soccer cleats much quicker if you bend them and squeeze them with your hands. If you do this for a little while every day, they will be broken in fairly soon. Combine this with wearing them while you play soccer and they will be in playable condition in no time.
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