How To Break In A New Softball Glove

Softball players from every caliber can learn about how to break in a new softball glove with ease. The reason breaking in a softball glove is important is because it can greatly affect your ability to catch a pop up or field a grounder.  A softball glove that has very loose leather and is extremely flexible is the kind of glove you want.

Unfortunately, when you first buy a glove for softball, this is not at all what they are like. Many of them are as stiff as cardboard and it can be difficult to do anything with them. Therefore, it will take some careful preparation and well thought out planning to get your softball glove in the best working condition possible. Following these guidelines will help you perfect your game and you will feel confident when you make your way onto the softball diamond.

Below are some materials that you will need when learning how to break in a new softball glove.

Materials Needed to Break in a New Softball Glove:

  • Bucket of water (big enough to dip the glove in)
  • Leather Oil
  • Old Rag
  • Rubber Band (big enough to fit around the glove)
  • Softball

Here is what you will do when you learn how to break in a softball glove

  1. Fill up the bucket with cold water
  2. Take the glove and submerge it in the water
  3. Pat dry with a cloth
  4. Take the softball and place it inside the pocket of the glove
  5. Tie a rubber band around the glove
  6. Leave it to dry for about 2-3 days

Once the glove is dry you will notice that the leather is softened and a lot more flexible than it was prior to using this technique. The glove should also have a nice pocket that has formed inside of the glove. This will make catching the ball a lot easier.

The last step you will do when you learn how to break in a new softball glove is to take the old rag and dip it into the leather oil. Just a dab will suffice. Gently rub the oil on the glove until the whole glove has been covered with oil. One coat is good enough.

Helpful Pointer:

Do not use too much leather oil. Many people make the mistake of putting too much oil on the glove. This can add extra weight to your glove, and slow down your ability to field the ball. You will want to oil your glove about once every year to keep it in maximum working condition and to protect the leather.

Once you have followed these instructions your glove will be in excellent working condition.

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