How To Break In Skateboard Bearings

Here are instructions for how to break in skateboard bearings. Breaking in bearings is all about riding and hitting turns. Bearings on a skateboard are what support the spinning wheel on the trucks. Learning how to break in bearings is important to the overall riding experience. This article will look at the easiest way to break in your bearings. New bearings are simple to install but take a little time to break in. Read below at the instructions to break in skateboard bearings.

Skateboarding is a blast. From professional to recreational it is a radical past time that will take enthusiast to new levels. Skateboarding is a relatively inexpensive sport and offers many opportunities for tricks and other mayhem. Grab a board and have some fun!

To break in new bearings on a skateboard, you will need:

  • Skateboard
  • New bearings

How to break in new skateboard bearings:

  1. Have a seat in your favorite chair to begin the process. Turn on the television and relax. Place both feet on your skateboard deck. Work them back and forth, applying a fair amount of pressure pulling back and forth.
  2. Push the skateboard back and forth. You can do this for as long as you can stand it. Then take the skateboard outside and ride in tight circles. Work the skateboard in long circles next. take the skateboard to the skate park and continue to work.

After a while, your bearing will begin to move more fluidly. It may take some time but at least you will be skateboarding.

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