How To Break In Skateboard Trucks

Learning how to break in skateboard trucks can be easy or time consuming. Depending on the trucks, breaking them in can be as simple as making a few turns and hard grinds. Other trucks to break them in constitutes taking a little more time. Modern trucks however allot more forgiving then old school trucks. Learning how to break in skateboard trucks is, learning how to ride a skateboard and how to do minor adjustments to installing spacers. Breaking in skateboard trucks can also be a good time to define your style and to practice some of the basics. Even for advanced skateboarders the time breaking in trucks can be used to relax and recall the simpler moves. In this article, we will look at the basic means of breaking in skateboard trucks and getting them into shape for a free and fun ride.

Things you will need to do this:

  • Skateboard
  • Skateboard gear
  • Place to skateboard
  • Skateboard tool or one-half inch wrench.
  1. To start you can set the skateboard in your lap and work the truck by pushing the skateboard wheels left and right. Repeat this many times. Once you have done this you can head outside or to the indoor skateboard park. Skateboard in circles. Lean in hard turning the tightest circle you can, do this both left and right side.
  2. Use the skateboard tool or one-half inch wrench and adjust the trucks. This is done by loosing the king pin or bolt that runs through the truck (inside). This process will allow more give in your trucks and should help ease the feel of the skateboard while in use.
  3. Finally, you may need to add or change spacers along the king pin. These can sometimes be too stiff and cause the trucks to feel tight. These processes take time, so be patient and work them out. Before long, they will be just as you like them.
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