How To Break In A Softball Bat

Need to know how to break in a softball bat? Some people believe that every piece of sports equipment you use in softball needs breaking in. This isn't always the case. Take, for instance, the ball; there is no breaking in necessary. Still, you may want to know how you break in your softball bat.

  1. I am sorry to inform you, but there is really no way to break in a softball bat other than to just use it. The softball bat is aluminum; it is not like a glove where some use shaving cream to treat the leather and make it nice and soft to use quickly. There is no way to break in aluminum, and the softball bat reacts the same no matter who swings it. The bat doesn't work any better or worse if it has made contact with one ball or 100 balls.
  2. What you can do to make the feel of the softball bat better for you is purchase some handle wraps in order to make a custom, comfortable grip. Some people like a really fat grip, and others prefer a real skinny grip with a fat bottom knob on the bat. Whatever feels best is completely up to personal preference.
  3. There are some other modifications you can make to a softball bat, but they are not recommended. Most leagues and organizations strictly forbid certain modifications. Such modifications include adding water to the barrel of the bat, corking the barrel of the bat and other supposed performance-enhancing modifications deemed illegal by certain leagues.

Although there aren't any ways to break in a softball bat, it never hurts to get out there and practice hitting with your bat to get a feel for it and learn to make it work the best for you. Enjoy your new softball bat!

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