How To Break In Vintage Western Boots

There is nothing like a new pair of cowboy boots, and discovering how to break in vintage western boots is as much fun as line dancing itself. If you are lucky enough to even be able to find vintage western boots, put them on, click your heels and break them in for years of comfort and stylish wear. If this is your first pair, follow these easy tips to break in vintage western boots.

  1. Clean your vintage western boots with saddle soap, available anywhere shoe care products are sold. Remove all the grime and give them a good cleaning which helps to soften the leather.
  2. Apply rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball to the leather inside to break in vintage western boots. Rub and dab the alcohol all around the toe box, the foot area and even up into the area of the boots around the ankle. Make sure the alcohol thoroughly wets the leather on the inside of the western boots. This is especially necessary if the boots were pre-owned and have someone else's footwear pattern indenting the leather. The alcohol softens the leather, allowing the vintage western boots to more easily cleave to your feet and forget their past, belonging to someone else.
  3. Put on a pair of thick wool socks. Put the alcohol-soaked boots on your feet while the boots are wet. Wear the boots for several hours to help the leather reshape to fit your foot comfortably. If breaking in the vintage western boots is exceptionally difficult, repeat this step over a period of several days until they feel comfortable on your feet.
  4. Polish vintage cowboy boots with paste shoe polish and a soft cloth or brush made especially for this purpose. The shoe polish also helps to temper the leather and soften it for easy wearing.
  5. Put on your best cowboy hat and newly broken-in vintage western boots, which by now, should be comfortable as butter. Time to go out dancing.

Tips: Sometimes it takes a shoetree with adjustable show stretch buttons to break in vintage western boots. The shoetree can be adjusted to stretch the boots, making them easier to get on and off. If your vintage western boots are still uncomfortable after using the above methods to soften the leather, consider taking them to a cobbler who can apply other chemicals to the leather to help it soften even further.

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