How To Break Your Skateboard

Want to know how to break your skateboard? There are plenty of ways. Some people break skateboards on accident, usually by performing tricks. Others break skateboards to impress people or to get a feel of what kind of pressure it would take to snap a deck.

  1. One way to break your skateboard is to pick it up and slam it on a rock or a hard surface. If you know how, you can also ollie on to a rock which would give the same results. To break a skateboard on a hard surface such as the concrete of the driveway, you will need to hold the skateboard by its nose or tail end and slam the opposite end of the skateboard onto the hard surface.
  2. To break a skateboard on a tree trunk or a metal pole, such as that of a swing set or a basketball goal, you need to hold the skateboard by the tail or the nose end and swing it with ample force ensuring that the center of the deck hits the given hard surface. Poles or rails used for skateboarding tricks, known as "grinding," can have the same affect. These rails can be found at skate parks attached to fun boxes or be handrails used on staircases.
  3. Another way to break a skateboard is to place it with the wheels on the ground,  the grip tape or the top of the deck facing up. With the board in this position and you standing beside it on the ground, jump up into the air and land, with both feet side by side, onto the very center of the skateboard. When jumping, pull your knees to your chest, then kick out your feet once coming down to the skateboard. This will yield better results by causing more force to hit the center of the deck. This is the easiest part of the skateboard to snap. Outwards towards the nose or tail, the deck is supported by the trucks of the skateboard, which make it difficult to snap in these areas.
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