How To Break Your Wrist Fast

Want to learn how to break your wrist fast? There must be a few reasons for this; maybe you are trying to prove a point to someone, trying to look and seem tough. Maybe you want to look like you are injured so a girl will be extra nice to you, or maybe you are just being crazy. I suppose you could go and ''accidentally'' fall off of your skateboard, which could break your wrist. But do you really want to break your wrist? Think about all the consequences you'll have to deal with just to look tough, or come off vulnerable to a lady.

  1. Breaking your wrist is expensive. If you break your wrist you are going to get stuck paying medical bills, and you don't know how much that will be.
  2. Breaking your wrist costs you time. If you want to break your wrist you are going to waste your time at the doctor and healing afterwards.
  3. Breaking your wrist will cost you gas. Breaking your wrist is also going to require gas money or money to get on the bus. Is breaking your wrist on purpose worth it?
  4. If you break your wrist, you will probably need an x-ray. Hopefully, you don't break your wrist badly enough to need an x-ray. Then you'll really feel like an idiot.
  5. Healing your wrist could be troublesome. Now, think about how long it's going to take to heal your wrist after trying to break it. And think about the splint or cast you'll have to wear during the time it takes to let your wrist heal. 

Still want to break your wrist fast?  Is it still worth it? You decide. But maybe a lovely medical bill and a few unwanted trips to the doctor will make you reconsider trying to break your wrist. And besides, what would you tell your family, friends, co-workers and doctor when they ask what happened? That would certainly be embarrassing.



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