How To Breast Massage During Sex

Knowing how to breast massage during sex can turn an ordinary session in the sack into something extraordinary. By adding the element of breast massage you’re paying attention to an area of a woman’s body that’s extra sensitive. The breast massage may even heighten her arousal and orgasm. Just be sure you can keep yourself contained while touching this hot part of your woman.

  1. Start touching and massaging her breasts before penetration. Breasts are one of the female body’s perfect parts to incorporate into foreplay leading up to sex. You may decide to save the full-out massage for during sex, but pay attention to the tits beforehand.
  2. Get into a proper position. Some positions are more suited for breast massage than others. If you’re on the bottom and she’s in a seated position, you’ll have full access to reach up with both hands to give the massage while she’s bouncing away. Placing her on an elevated table while you’re standing can give you easy access as well. Experiment until you find the best, most comfortable position for you.
  3. Use your tongue. Sucking and licking her breasts and nipples, especially when she’s at the brink of orgasm, can greatly enhance the sensation in some women.
  4. Start gently. Even though you’re both caught up in the moment of sex, that doesn’t mean she wants the breast massage to be rough. Start slow and gentle, going along with the rhythm of your thrusting. As things progress, go harder and faster, but only if she asks.
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