How To Breathe When Boxing

When participating in the sport of boxing, an aspect of the sport that is often forgotten about is how to breathe when boxing. Using the correct methods of breathing while boxing is vital for an athletes performance. Learning the basics of how to breathe when boxing will enable a boxer to keep their body well oxygenated while participating in a match. Simple techniques can be used to breathe properly while boxing.

  1. Learn how to breathe when boxing by simply remembering to breathe. During a boxing match many boxers get caught up in the activity and simply forget to breathe. While throwing punches and even receiving them, many boxers will hold their breath. This is the incorrect thing to do. Lack of proper oxygen supply will lead to decreased stamina and a decreased athletic performance. It’s vital to breathe steadily when boxing.
  2. Learn how to breathe when boxing between rounds. When resting between rounds, it’s important tot take this time to relax and breathe deeply. This will allow your body to properly refuel the oxygen supply it needs. To do this, inhale deeply through the nose and slowly exhale through the mouth. This needs to be done at a slow and steady pace.
  3. Learn how to breathe when boxing with breathing exercises. As with strengthening the muscles, strengthening the lungs has to be done with exercises. Taking time to practice breathing techniques will allow proper breathing in the ring to become second nature.

Breathing properly while boxing is something that takes time and concentration to develop the correct techniques. But, it can easily become second nature to a boxer when practiced regularly. An athlete can perform at their optimal best when breathing properly.



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