How To Breed Cats

When trying to learn how to breed cats, read this article for tips. Breeding cats is not that hard as they do all the work.  It is just a matter of helping them along the way. Cats are naturally born to be mothers and unless you spay them, babies will come as part of the natural process.

  1. When Will Cats Go Into Heat? Cats will generally go into heat between 4 to 12 months. It is a time when they will be scared as this is their first time having sexual urges and it is a time to watch out.  
  2. Mannerism of a Cat in Heat. Cats, once in heat want nothing to do with loving and adoring families. The cats want to breed and will want to have sexual contact with any and all cats. Cats will only recognize you occasionally for a quick bite of food. Once the cats have eaten, they will want to go back outside immediately.
  3. Looking for the Perfect Mate. When breeding cats professionally, pedigree cats are usually mated. This will happen easily as male cats are always in the mood. Once the female cat is in heat, simply put then in a room together and boom, the mother cat is pregnant.
  4. How Long Does the Breeding Take? A normal baby kitten or cat will take four days to breed. As much as clock work is involved, watch the behaviorism of cats and you will see them slowly pulling away from the male cat.
  5. After the Breeding Process is Complete. Once the female cat has been impregnated, she will be very hungry and exhausted. Find a nice comfy bed for her to rest. Have plenty of nourishing food and treats for her to eat quickly, like raw liver and her favorite dry treats.
  6. When Will Baby Kittens Arrive? A mother cat is pregnant from 62 to 67 days and after that you can watch for signs of delivery. The first time a litter comes, the mother cat will need comforting and maybe some help. Stay with the mother until all kittens are born, as the mother cat will eat one of the kittens if hungry. A meal of liver after birth will satisfy the mother.
  7. What to Do After the Cat has Given Birth? After child birth the mom in most cases will be very affectionate and nourish all the baby kittens. It is a very protective time for the mother cat.  Cat breeding is not difficult for most cats and expect the mother cat to want to breed again a few months after giving birth.
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