How To Breed Hamsters

When you are learning how to breed hamsters, many factors should be taken into consideration. It is not as simple as just putting a male and female together, and letting them go at it. If you do not take the time to properly prepare, then complications such as birth defects, aggression and death can occur. The good news is that a few helpful steps can turn the tricky task of breeding hamsters into an easy and enjoyable hobby. 


To learn how to breed hamsters you will need:

  • A male and female hamster (not a brother and sister)
  • Two hamster cages
  • Hamster food
  • Hamster bedding (wood shavings)


  1. When you breed hamsters, you will want to begin by purchasing two healthy hamsters. The male hamster should be around two to four months old. The female hamster should not be any younger than four months old and not any older than eight months old.  
  2. Place the hamsters in two separate large plastic hamster cages. For the first day or two, leave the hamsters alone. After they have become acclimated to their new environment, begin taking them out of their cages and handling them for a few minutes at a time. This allows them to become comfortable in your presence. 
  3. After a week, place the hamster cages near one another. By doing this, the hamsters will become accustomed to seeing one another. This will decrease aggression, when the two hamsters finally meet. 
  4. Before you begin to breed the hamsters, put them together so they can meet one another. The meeting should last five minutes initially, increasing the time as the hamsters get used to one another. 
  5. As the time together increases, the hamsters will eventually mate. Never put the male into the female’s cage. She will view this as an invasion of her territory. Instead, put the female into the male’s cage, or use a neutral territory. 
  6. Once the female becomes pregnant, isolate her. The male may become aggressive or attack the litter when the babies are born. It will take around three weeks for the female to give birth. 
  7. When the female begins to give birth leave her alone. Let Mother Nature take care of the rest. Also, make sure that you never handle any of her baby hamsters. This will turn her off and cause her to neglect them. 
  8. Around the four to six week mark, separate the female hamsters from the babies. To prevent inbreeding, separate the male and female siblings from one another. 
  9. You can continue to breed hamsters this way. Just make sure that you never breed a brother and sister hamster. This can cause some odd birth defects.  Just about any other combination is okay. 


Breeding Tips and Warnings:

If the female hamster is too young when she breeds, she will attack her babies and cause them harm. 

A female hamster can give birth to five to ten hamsters in one litter.

Females can mate again shortly after giving birth.

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