How To Brew Beer With A Mash Lauter Tun

Want to learn how to brew beer with a mash lauter tun? Beer brewing using the mash into a lauter tun is one of many ways to make a hearty product in North America and Europe that employ the worst separation vessel system. The lauter tun process is created to utilize the under-modified malts and high adjunct rates incorporated in beer brewing unlike the mash tun since they are wider and shallower. The filtration incorporates slots in a false bottom that helps the grain bed of the mash used in the lauter tun operation. The entire experience takes many steps in order to achieve quality beer for potential clients. Here are the basic ways in doing so:

  1. Establish the grain filter bed. This can be done out position of the blades at moderate speeds or at slow speeds as the rakes rise up in the lautering position.
  2. Allow the mash a rest period of 15 to 30 minutes in order to settle before recirculation to avoid cloudy wort.
  3. Recirculate the wort prior to running the liquid to the brew kettle through the grain bed as it helps to clear wort and filter bed.
  4. Collect the "first wort" by stopping the circulation and send it to the kettle.
  5. Sparging and collect the "second wort" once the "first wort" has been taken care of.
  6. Lastly as the final collections of wort and drainings leave the grain bed so to remove spent grains from the lauter tun as one opens the grain-out doors, raise the  rakes from the area, and the blades' angle changes to the grain-out position. 

There are many ways to create such devices to home brew or professionally brew your own mash/lauter tun, but ensure you are well versed in brewing before making your own beers.


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