How To Brew Low Calorie Beer

Many people who love home brewing, but don't love what beer does to their waistlines have wondered how to brew low calorie beer. While it is difficult to get exact calorie counts when you are home brewing, you can estimate how many calories the beer will have, and tailor the beer that you brew to be low calorie. Here are a few tips to try for making a lower calorie beer at home.

  1. Someone who is just starting out may want to opt for a low calorie beer making kit. This is one of the easiest ways to be assured that you will brew a low calorie beer, and helps build your familiarity with the beer-brewing process.
  2. If you prefer to brew from recipes, figure out how many calories are in the recipes you are considering. The way to do this is to add up the calories in the components: sugar, malt and hops. Add up the total amount in those ingredients, then figure out how much would wind up in a 12 ounce serving. For instance, a recipe whose components add up to 1800 calories and makes twelve bottles of beer would have, at most, 150 calories a bottle. If the number you arrive at is too high for your taste, check other recipes to find one that is low calorie.
  3. It is possible to brew a low calorie beer by substituting artificial sweeteners or just reducing the amount of sugar used. However, you will also need to adjust the amount of yeast used, brewing time and temperature when you make those changes.
  4. One surprising suggestion to brew a low calorie beer is to add Beano to the mix. Beano is made up of enzymes that digest sugar. When sugar is turned to alcohol during brewing, about half the calories are lost as energy. Two to three crushed Beano tablets can reduce the total calorie count of the finished beer.
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