How To Brew Low Carb Beer

Keep that beer gut in check by learning how to brew low carb beer. It would be nice during a party to tell your friends that you made your own low carb beer. Making your own low carb beer can not only save you money in the long run, but having your own low carb beer at hands reach is even better,e specially since most stores stop selling beer at a certain hour. Now the party has the ability to move on with your low carb beer supply.

Items Needed:

  • Brewpot
  • Airlock
  • Stopper
  • Low Carb or Light Beer Mix
  • Primary Fermenter
  • Bottles
  • Plastic Hose
  • Saucepan
  • Rubber Spatula
  • Plastic Mixing Spoon
  • Water
  • Pure Iodine
  • Pure Dextrose
  1. Take two quarts of water and heat until the water starts to steam, but you do not want to have the water boiling. Once the water is steaming remove it from the heat and add in the contents of the Low Carb or Light Beer mixture from the kit you purchased.
  2. Make sure the ingredients have dissolved completely and put a lid on the top of the pot and simmer for approximately fifteen minutes.
  3. Next you need add about four gallons of water to the primary fermenter, and add in the mixture from the pot. Stir the mixture and the water for approximately three minutes to make sure the ingredients have mixed together completely.
  4. When you notice the sides of the primary fermenter feel cold this is the time that you add in your active yeast making sure to ferment the mixture according to the proper temperature that was listed on your Low Carb/Light Beer mixture kit. Now you need to let the mixture sit there for approximately five days before continuing to the next step.
  5. Taking a saucepan add in three cups of water and 3/4 cup of the pure dextrose solution. Bring this to a boil and then remove from heat covering the saucepan. Allow the dextrose mixture to cool off for approximately twenty minutes.
  6. Next take a bucket a put it on the floor, and then take the primary fermenter and place it higher than the bucket such as a table. Take the plastic hose and attached it to the nozzle on the primary fermenter, and put the other end of the hose within the bucket on the floor. Take the dextrose solution and pour it into the bucket that is on the floor. Once this is completed open the spigot on the primary fermenter and allow the contents to drain into the bucket on the floor.
  7. When the contents have been completely removed from the primary fermenter close the spigot and take out the hose. At this time you can clean both the hose and the spigot thoroughly.
  8. Now take the bucket that is filled and place it on a table. Line up the bottles on the floor under where the bucket is and fill the bottles using the plastic hose as close as you can to the top of the bottle.
  9. Once all of the bottles have been filled with your beer solution make sure to put the caps on, and then move the bottles to a cool place such as the basement.
  10. Approximately in one week check the bottles to see if there is any cloudiness remaining. If it has not wait a few more days, but if it has you can now put your beer in the refrigerator.


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