How To Bring Up iPod Shuffle Playlist

If you can't figure out how to bring up your iPod Shuffle playlist, you should review these tips. Unlike the playlists for other iPod models, playlists for iPod Shuffles can only be edited by using iTunes. Follow these tips to learn about how to bring up the iPod Shuffle's playlist.

To bring up the iPod Shuffle playlist, you will need:

  • A USB cord (the one that came with your iPod Shuffle)
  • A computer
  • The latest version of iTunes
  • About ten minutes
  1. Connect your iPod Shuffle to your computer. Using a compatible USB cord, plug your iPod Shuffle into a port in the computer that you used to register your iPod. Your computer may or may not recognize your iPod. If it does not, proceed to step two. If your computer recognizes your iPod Shuffle, proceed to step three.
  2. Download the latest version of iTunes. If you have not downloaded the latest version of iTunes, it might not recognize your computer. Go to the iTunes store and check for available downloads. Select "download the latest version of iTunes."
  3. Bring up your iPod Shuffle playlist. Some people might think that their iPod Shuffle playlist should appear under the iTunes library section. This is not the case. In order to bring up your iPod Shuffle playlist, you need to click on the "Devices" arrow. This arrow is located on the left side toolbar of iTunes. You should now see your iPod Shuffle icon. Click on it. Now you should see all of your iPod Shuffle playlists. This includes playlists you have created and playlists that have been created using "Genius."


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