How Brisk Walking Is Good Exercise

Brisk walking is good exercise for everyone. No matter your age, weight, size or level of fitness, the benefits of walking are free to all who participate. Walking is a low-impact exercise, meaning there is no jumping, pounding or bouncing involved. Older people with brittle bones need not worry about overstressing their joints by walking. Overweight walkers can also enjoy the benefits of a brisk walk without worry about overstressing their muscles. A brisk pace is all you need to get fit, lose weight and tone your muscles.

Brisk walking is good exercise for many reasons. Because walking is a gentle, low impact activity there’s no need to be concerned with injury to joints and muscles. It is an exercise available to all, young or old, in shape or not. Anyone can enjoy a brisk walk each day without joining a gym or buying expensive equipment. It is the most accessible fitness activity around.

Brisk walking for weight loss is an excellent choice. Many people aren’t aware that walking one mile burns just about the same amount of calories as jogging one mile. A more vigorous pace will burn even more calories.

Brisk walking tones muscles. Every muscle in the body is engaged while walking. The legs, hips, waist and arms are all in motion. For a greater challenge, some walkers add weights to their ankles, or carry light weights as they walk.

Walking offers excellent cardiovascular benefits. The fast pace gives your heart a great workout. Blood pressure decreases, lung capacity increases and as endorphins are released, the walker’s mood improves. Most walkers sleep better at night and suffer less stress during the day.

A brisk walk reduces back pain. Touted as one of the best exercises for relieving back pain, walking also helps prevent arthritis and osteoporosis. It is also useful for relieving joint pain.


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